Friday, September 4, 2009


The things I do now days, are totally out of control. I went overboard on my diet & I lose 5pounds. Is it a good news or bad? Cause' I don't get my parents-who are raving me on how important food is for my body. Don't they know? They are blessed or cursed with a daughter who wants to pursue her dreams at a very young age? At least show me a Lil bit of support! It's like they are against it. whatsoever. I have my own path & I'm taking that path. I know I'm going the right way. No wrong turnings. I'll Just keep moving. Like how Jenny Humphrey did. pursuing her dreams at only 15--no matter what happens. No one can stop her. Not even her stoned dad. Rock On Jenny!

B T W, I shouted at 'someone' the other day. TRUE. he was getting on my nerves and I just burst ed. I think I went alil teeny weensy overboard there. It was THE most frustrating day. Ben didn't even say HI. a big fat HI just like his body. sorry. puffed. here's his imitation on the computer -.- even I remembered! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW BEN? :D
Oh speaking of that 'someone'. We are in peace now. no worries :)

And, Friday, HA HA. amusing day for me, sar, fitri & johnny. *teasing. BEN GOT A WARNING LETTER. HA-HA-HA, BOO-HO. YOU wanna know why? YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY SURELY POSITIVELY WANNA KNOW??? OMG, for those who doesn't know. YOUR a total retard. Isn't it obvious? His body explains EVE RY TH ING. still don't know why? gee.
Benny boy, UR not lil johnny who is just sooo innocent & small. YOU must be realistic. People in the real world, label you as a DANGEROUS creature. Sounds exciting huh? I know. N E WAAAAY, you cant get away with it. Pn Rosnah will surely find out. Of course! especially with that bigbodyofyours you can't possibly run can you? HUH big friend?
I sound meaaan. Well, I'm just trying to be real. For those who thinks I'm sweet & nice. That means you don't know me YET. I'M MEANLYDIABOLICALLYEVIL. To my brother, ben & to all the crying babies out there. I hunt and scout them. Deep down in me, lies a sadist. Who is just trying to break out from the shell. & once it breaks out. It's doomsday for everyone. Especially BEN :-) teeeheee
kudos to Sara, my un-cacat wife

for that lovely materpiece of yours.

exoexo, Mimi :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happens for a reason

Today I officially pronounced. We, us, they, me. All together as one big happy family. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MALAYSIA. ONE MALAYSIA. ONE RACE. pffft, like I care '=.=

Today's the weirdest yet complicated plus nerve wrecking day of this whole entire month for me. Not only I HAD TO SIT for my trial exam, which, I only studied like last-second-while I was on the way home from Singapore yesterday, in a movingg vehicle that goes 230km per h. But, BIG BENNY totally ignored me today. LIKE REALLY IGNORE ME. He dosent go like, hey 'mimi', hey'this' hey that. HE WAS IN A TOTAL MATURE MODE. Which, totaaaally scared me to death! I guess he got brainwashed by his mama who wants him to grow up or something'-.-

School ended as usual, someone promised to hand in something THAT IS MINE; today, but that someone sengaja forget>:< HEHE. So, i grabbed his neck, pulled out the gun I brought out of my bag, and pull the trigger up in open air and *BANGG. I shot an innocent bird. HAHAHA.
After, I cleaned the mess, by using ben's big soggy socks, I shoved the innocent Lil creature in a black plastic bag and stapled it and throw it in the drain and kiss it goodbye. MUAHAHA. I've always wanted to do that.

Okay, back to reality, After he said he forgot. I left and this someone accompanied me to primary. I balikkkkkkkkkk, changed and studied science. HAHAHA, you wish! I opened myspace instead. Later, I had tuition and berbuka puasa at Secret. I balikk rumah, and received a few text messages from someone and anonymous. Some were very toughtful, some were touching and some even made me mad-er. Haih. I feel like I need to get things straight. Like, I did so many times, but it turned out wronggg. ALWAYS wronggggg, nei. udtuceuichjbjbuudhukzzuhjuiehiejid--pwjdihwjifbjkw. thats me; giving up. I dont want to say it, but I'd say it in a different way. Norweign style :D
Okay,I'm done here.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Cacat on Ecstasy

I was undeniably bored. That's probably the reason why I took this shot.
It's my myspace default though.

It was FRIDAY, & I always, I mean ALWAYS wear baju kurung on Fridays.
CACAT? I know, i'm Sara's cacat.
Today was GREAT. Going to Singapore tommorow for a holiday gateaway & ofcourse, Merdeka from Malaysia abit.
Tired of celebrating Merdeka here. Wanted to celebrate else where for a change :)
Had a supercacatwonderfulfunnyrhymingconvo with my favourite person;

Me: Woop
Person: Poow!
Person:Are you high on drugs?
Me:On ecstasy,save me from my misery
Person:Come here! & stop it! Wash your face & lets get out of this place!
Cacat? I dont care, I love itttttt. Mati kau haters. HAHA

When life gives you lemons, make lemonades





Crazier, crazier



OHHHH, *drools. *sighs. *butterflies in stomach
MY NEW COOKIE JAHHH. BABY, im proud to say, you made my day.

(aint that lame?)

You lift my feet of the ground, you spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier

I love you chris.



Thursday, August 27, 2009

I wanna touch you

Ever had the moment you have in your heart? This extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that the world is transformed? That is the feeling when I first laid my eyes on him. The moment of joy. Its; love at first sight. I'm in love. It's his beautiful black tanned shiny body. It's muscular and heavy bod. It's his long and wonderful indescribable neck with skeletal tattoo's all over. His voice just drives me insane. When his voice bolted, I melted like a snowman on a hot day. I call him KH202. He is just beautiful, in and out. But he belongs to my brother. My brother's best friend. I just...I just...

All I wanna do is

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you

You wanna touch me too

Every way and when he set you free

Just put your hands on me

TODAY, basically each and every one of us are present with new things. It's like Christmas! except it's a Thursday-a very hot Thursday. I got my new Queen size bed in. It's turquoise and really furry with crystal diamonds all over. My brother got his new big single bed and my parents got this awesome set--King sized white bed. It's GORGEOUS.
Later that night, we break-fast at, BUBBA GUMP. My most favourite restaurant EVERRRRR. I ordered the bucket full of trash for main course and for appetizers I ordered the glimpse of america thing. I think. and for drinks, I ordered Jenny's Drink. While watching, the story, Run Forrest Run. That place is Ah Ma Zing, it's sooo fuuuuun and cheerful. I ate like crazy that night. After that we went home. And I straight away jumped on my comfortable bed, without changing into my jammies and doze off into my own world.